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Eric Thomas

Personally, I can attest to the truth of Coach Garland’s principles as they remain a large part of my son Jalin’s success as a student and graduate of Michigan State University, and during his tenure as a student manager for the Spartan Basketball team. Coach Garland reinforced the values that I had worked so hard to install in Jalin.  Those values of being a genuinely kind, decent and honorable person, doing your best always, treating others as yourself, exceeding expectations, being open to constructive critique, correcting the flaws that critiques identify, and being true to yourself in every situation-those were all shared values reinforced in Coach Garlands approach to personal and professional excellence.  By example, Coach Garland earned Jalin’s trust and became a role model and a sounding board when needed. Due largely to the ethics and approach to personal integrity Coach Garland’s efforts reinforced in our son; today, Jalin is a valued member of our team.  While I have not yet been privileged to read Coach Garlands book “Prep Talk,” I do, however see how his principles walked out in the daily life of my son.  There’s no better endorsement than that of a proud and happy parent and a business owner pleased with his new hire.  As I am blessed to be both, I can’t thank Coach Garland enough for the tireless work he put into crafting our son’s success and the achievements of so many other students whose lives he continues to influence positively.  

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