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Mat Ishbia

Coach Garland is one of the most impactful people I've connect with in life. His energy, passion, and care helped me grow into the person I am today.

Eric Thomas

You can’t ask for a better person than Coach Garland.  With the up-coming release of his book entitled; “Prep Talk,” Coach is sharing with the public the principles that have not only made him successful but have added immeasurably to the success of the many students he’s mentored over his twenty years at Michigan State University.

Roger Jansen

Coach Garland and his approach to work and life has made a tremendous impact on how I approach my own work and life.  

Derrick Boles

I am humbled and honored to write down my thoughts and love.  Coach Garland is a man with great heart and integrity. Growing up in Michigan, my mother decided I was growing up too fast, so she asked me to leave. Coach Garland took me in- with no questions or concerns; inspired, motivated, and helped me become the man I am today.  He gifted me with the knowledge to develop great character which, in turn, has helped me make a profound difference in this World.

Shonta Langford

I am writing this letter on behalf of Michael Garland more affectionately known to me as “Coach Garland.” I had the honor of knowing Coach growing up and found him to be a positive role model for so many including myself.  He is a man of integrity and always pushed you to be your best not just athletically but also academically.  For many young men on the basketball team at Belleville High School, where he successfully coached for many years, he was a father to the father less.  He was always an inspiration and encouraged you to push beyond your limits. 

Chris Cannon

Coach Garland is someone who eliminates excuses, overcome doubt, and removes fears in the lives of those that know him; this is based on his great character, integrity and standards.

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